Is Ceylon Cinnamon Safe and Healthy
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Is Ceylon Cinnamon Safe and Healthy? (2019 Updated)

Aspice hailed in cooking and medicine for centuries is cinnamon. Belonging to the genus Cinnamomum, the inner bark of the evergreen tree provides the eminent spice. The oils obtained from cinnamon roots, barks and leaf have different chemical compositions. Thus, cinnamon oil comes with the ability to target a range of health complications. The reason is varying medical properties. The key elements found in cinnamon are cinnamaldehyde in the bark, camphor in the root and eugenol in the leaf.

The two varieties of cinnamon are Ceylon Cinnamon and Cinnamon cassia. Also known as Cinnamomum zeylancium and Cinnamomum aromaticum respectively. Ceylon cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka. The critical difference between Ceylon cinnamon and cassia cinnamon is the coumarin content. As per scientific studies carried out, 1 teaspoon of cassia cinnamon contains 5.8-12.1 mg ( 2.1-4.4 g/kg ) of coumarin. On the contrary, the coumarin content in Ceylon cinnamon is negligible.

The Tolerable Daily Intake, TDI for coumarin is 0.1mg/kg of body weight. Therefore, consumption of cassia cinnamon poses the threat of serious health complications as coumarin consists of carcinogenic and anticoagulant properties. Using Ceylon cinnamon is the healthier choice to make. 

As Ceylon cinnamon is a must-have, the answer to ‘Is Ceylon Cinnamon Safe and Healthy?’ will make your life easier.

Triggers Liver Damage

does Ceylon Cinnamon Cause Liver Damage?

The high coumarin content in Cassia cinnamon leads to liver toxicity. Consuming only one teaspoon of the cassia variety of cinnamon is a trigger to liver damage. If you are suffering from on-going health complications in the liver, it is best to avoid cassia cinnamon.
Lack of information on the effect of cassia cinnamon on pregnant women and children are present. So, consuming below the TDI level for cassia cinnamon is advisable.

Increased Risk of Cancer

Due to the carcinogenic properties of coumarin, consumption of cassia cinnamon increase the risk of certain cancer types. Studies conducted using rodents conclude that too much coumarin brings about cancerous growth in kidneys, liver and lungs. According to scientists, coumarin damages DNA, which can cause cancer with time. However, a proven link for coumarin and high risk of cancer is unclear.

Causes Allergies and Irritations

Causes Allergies and Irritations

Eating high amounts of cinnamon can trigger allergies and irritations due to the presence of cinnamaldehyde. This risk is not present when consuming cinnamon in small amounts

Some of the common symptoms of allergies caused by cinnamaldehyde are swelling or gums and tongue, burning sensations and appearance of white patches. Note that these reactions will occur in case of a cinnamaldehyde allergy. Accordingly, getting a skin patch test before the use of cinnamon products such as cinnamon oil is the correct procedure.

Promotes Low Blood Sugar

A well-known remedy for chronic high blood sugar is cinnamon. The result of components in cinnamon acting as insulin and the triggering hormones to remove glucose from the blood creates the amazing medical properties of cinnamon. Note that too much cinnamon in your diet will lower the blood sugar levels than necessary. Consequently, hypoglycemia with symptoms such as dizziness and tiredness will arise. When using Ceylon cinnamon as a supplement against high blood sugar levels, taking in controlled doses is crucial. 

To experience the finest of the medical properties of cinnamon, consuming 1-6 g of cinnamon daily is ideal. Limiting cinnamon intake to healthy doses is the secret to healthy living.


Using cinnamon with care will take your health up a notch. Reducing the use of Cassia cinnamon and replacing cinnamon needs with Ceylon cinnamon is a smart move. The reason is the negligible content of coumarin in Ceylon cinnamon. A healthy liver and no risk of cancer are prominent health benefits that Ceylon cinnamon gifts. When using Ceylon cinnamon as a health supplement taking in controlled amounts guided by an expert is vital.

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Ceylon ‘true’ cinnamon is an appraised spice across countries and continents. The countless number of benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon adds to the elite value of Ceylon cinnamon.

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