Is Ceylon Cinnamon Safe and Healthy?

Is Ceylon Cinnamon Safe and Healthy? Sri Lanka is the world’s largest producer and exporter of pure cinnamon and suppliers of Sri Lanka claim 90% of global cinnamon market share. Cinnamon grown and produced in Sri Lanka has gained a long standing reputation in the global market due to a variety of reasons including its unique quality, flavor, color and aroma.

With growing concerns about the health hazards which synthetic flavoring agents in the food industry can bring about, natural flavors are preferred across the world. Thus Ceylon cinnamon can be used as an effective substitute for artificial preservatives and it is now widely used as a food ingredient in bakery products as well as Asian foods and tea for its distinctive flavor and aroma.

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Ceylon Cinnamon vs Cassia

Differing both chemically and physically to the cassia variety, Ceylon cinnamon referred to as both true and sweet cinnamon is considered superior to the cheaper and commonly found cassia cinnamon.

Ceylon Cinnamon Safe

For an instance,the preparation of cinnamon quills involves a combination of art and skill unique to our country and has been handed down from generations to generations. Also value added cinnamon products such as oil, tablets and powder are already produced and exported to a number of countries in the world.

At present, cinnamon is also used as an essential food ingredient, a spice as well as a chief player in the global pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries in the world.

Fresh cinnamon in fact has greater nutritional value than store- brought industrially processed , old cinnamon, the essential difference between true cinnamon and the other varieties of fake cinnamon is how well its processed. Freshly grounded cinnamon contains calcium, iron and the mineral manganese, which is also an essential nutrient and a medicinal herb.

It is also an antioxidant comprising the molecular particles that can inhibit free radicals that contribute to many serious health diseases including cardiac disease, macular degeneration, cancer, and others. The nutritional ingredients found in real cinnamon namely help anti- clotting, help control blood sugar levels, inhibit the formation of Alzheimer’s disease, impairing the growth of cancer cells and working as an anti-biotic.

Ceylon Cinnamon Safe

Health Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a delicious spice, linked to many health benefits. It is thus vital that true cinnamon be purchased ,for regular consumption of high amounts of coumarin contained mostly in cassia cinnamon can be injurious to health.

While eating too much cinnamon of any variety can have potential drawbacks, Ceylon cinnamon is generally safe in comparison to other varieties of cinnamon available in the market and comprises nutrient elements that can outweigh many adverse consequences and help play an impressive role in the daily meal plans in the household.

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